This incredible site has provincial attention because it is one of four remaining reinforced concrete buildings in Ontario from its era. It also has unique structural and architectural features. In its heyday it was the largest iron coke plant in all of North America; it produced products that were shipped across North America; it brought hydro power to Haliburton 30 years before the rest of the province; and was the first building to use chain reinforcements in its roof and with the first concrete water tower on site. The building also has no welding in its construction. It is a marvel and was built in 1908 for $1M. It was commissioned by Richard Donald who later sold it to Mr. Peuchen, a Titanic survivor and hero in 1913. Read more about this wonder here

Find out how we have used all public contributions and funding, what we have done to date, and where we are headed! Read our new agreement between Jim O’Connor and The Land Between for the Donald Eco-Innovation Centre:  2017 Donald Standard Chemical Building. Agreement on Title

This project has been supported by local hands: Thanks to many partners and the support of Jim O’Connor (Highland Glass) who has donated the building and many hours in restoration; to Leora Berman of Aquatilus Consulting and The Land Between charity, who has donated countless hours and including significant funds in order to coordinate the project. And to the Land Between charity and board for incubating and carrying the project forward.

The vision/proposal: a re-purposed building to feature the best in stewardship, green building and local integrative builders and building solutions. And a building that can accommodate local arts, events, and even light manufacturing or workshops in manufacturing.

Download our project booklet that highlights the vision and history. Eco Brochure FINAL

To find out how to get involved, help in restoration, become a partner, or support our activities contact us.