Find out how we have used all public contributions and funding, what we have done to date, and where we are headed! Read our new agreement between Jim O’Connor and The Land Between for the Donald Eco-Innovation Centre:  2017 Donald Standard Chemical Building. Agreement on Title


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Eco Brochure FINAL

The Marketing Cooperative: Construction, maintenance, and renovations are a primary industry in the Highlands. This online portal is a one-stop-shop for al your needs.

The building: Thanks to the many partners and the support of Jim O’Connor (Highland Glass) who has donated the building, and Leora Berman (Aquatilus) who is donating time to coordinate the project, the Eco-Innovation Centre in Haliburton will become an agile marketing centre and Centre of Excellence.

It will showcase and research the best in Stewardship, Green Technologies and Integrative Building Solutions.

The Historic building will be restored and retrofitted with demonstration features including solar generation, alternative waste disposal systems, with living systems and alternative building technologies.  The interior will accommodate interpretive educational materials and marketing facilities for stewardship agencies, tradesmen, suppliers and contractors.

The site has provincial attention as one of the last remaining reinforced concrete buildings in Ontario, and having unparalleled and unique structural and architectural features: It was designed and built in 1908 for $1M.

Members benefit from:

– Marketing through yellow pages, websites, brochures, billboards, radio and television ads
– Access to new clientele and added referrals
– Access to state of the art research on building technologies
– Access and reduced costing for Green certification
– Increased revenues and job retention and recruitment.

To find out how to get involved, become a partner, a member, or support our activities contact us.